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Bogus Stray Voltage Testing:

Beware of the Electrical Utility that offers to provide "Free Stray Voltage Testing". The utility may actually be preparing the basis for their defense in the event you decide to sue them. The first thing they will do is to inspect your farm wiring and document every minor deviation from the code. The Stray Voltage Test Report prepared by an Electrical Utility is very impressive and appears to be an unimpeachable scientific document. However, using the utility industry's accepted test protocol, it is easy to mask or minimize the Stray Voltage Measurements by simply knowing where to place the electrodes. Many of the "farms electrical wiring problems" reported in the test report may have no relevance to Stray Voltage. --- The Utility's Stray Voltage Test Report can look impressive and be completely BOGUS!

Be alert for the following tricks that some utility testers use to minimize the recorded stray voltage measurements:

If you think that you have a stray voltage problem, you should retain a Licensed Registered Professional Engineer to test your facility before the Electrical Utility gets involved. It is important that your farms electrical system be in compliance with the code before you allow the utility to inspect and test your property. Your engineer should also be present to challenge, monitor and document the test procedures that are used by the electrical utility's testers.

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