A large number of electrocution and electrical shock injuries occur in both the industrial and home environment. There is almost always a chain of events leading to an electrocution accident. Most electrocution injuries occur at voltages above 50 Volts AC or 100 Volts DC however sometimes the voltage can be much lower. The "can't let go" current level for adults is about 10 milliamps for adults and 5 milliamps for small children.

Most electrocutions and electrical injuries are caused by either code violations, a defective product or human error and are preventable. The genesis of some electrocutions may have occurred many years earlier.  All electrocutions need to be investigated and reconstructed by a qualified engineer.

Electrocution in the industrial environment can involve much higher voltages and is often accompanied with an explosion or fire. Investigation and reconstruction of the accident should be done as soon as possible even though it can be done successfully on very old cases if adequate photos and other information was collected at the time of the accident.

Bass Associates Inc. provides complete Forensic Engineering Services relating to Electrocution and Electrical Shock injuries, including Field Investigation, Failure Analysis, Accident Reconstruction and Expert Testimony.

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